Tropical Heat Wave

This Caribbean novel set in Barbados tells the story of Dennis, a young aspiring academic who becomes infatuated with a girl he meets while jogging on a beach. An unplanned pregnancy ensues and Dennis finds himself straightjacketed and dispatched into a marriage for which he is not ready. Now caught in a marriage of almost total incompatibility and one in which he saw a weak future, he tries to free himself.

Tropical Heat Wave

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Reader Review for the Novel Tropical Heatwave

I just finished reading Tropical Heat Wave and I’m still on the edge of my seat. I was captivated by the ensemble of characters and found myself cheering on Pam and Dennis all the way to the waiting plane on the airport tarmac in Barbados. The language is colourful and the storytelling can only be described as masterful. The unconditional love that Dennis had for Pam and her courage to walk away from a horrible marriage were the highlights of this intriguing drama. Although Tropical Heat Wave sheds light on the struggles of early Caribbean immigrants to the UK- the subsequent economic success of the hero and heroine cleverly details the pivotal roles of education, ambition and love. Without a doubt, the descriptive method of delivery can be compared to other great Caribbean prose writers including Naipaul and Walcott, and Nigeria’s Achebe. A well written piece of literature; fantastic writing to say the least. Hopefully there’s a part two because, I’m looking forward to reading more about the lives of Dennis and Pam after they returned from their bitter-sweet honeymoon.
MP Williams, author.

Excerpts from the novel Tropical Heat Wave

A cool afternoon breeze ruffled the curtains through the open windows in a house in suburban Bridgetown. Its presence brought welcome relief to those inside suffering under the intense heat of a mid-afternoon Caribbean sun. The grandfather’s clock in the corner struck four, as Dennis, dressed in a crisp, dark-grey suit, stiffly starched white shirt and mottled tie, emerged from one bedroom accompanied by a tall man wearing a dark suit and with an expression that bordered on a grin. Within five minutes Susan, wearing a modest white wedding dress with a shoulder length veil, emerged from another room.

The mid-morning tropical sunshine was already making its presence felt as he did his usual twice-weekly run on an almost deserted sandy beach, pausing momentarily to maximize his intake of sea air infused with the raw smell of seaweed. In the distance and approaching fast was another jogger: short, about 5ft 2ins. As the gap between them grew smaller, her slender body grew larger revealing a shape accentuated by a tight fitting swimsuit that responded colorfully in the sunshine falling gently on her wet ebony skin.

Why do they have to crowd me now?” He muttered to himself as his eyes darted between obstructive bodies. At that moment, he longed for a magic wand. He would make them disappear. Through all this, he held his own, his fingers crossed, as he meticulously filtered every wave of passengers leaving the train.

“This has to be the one.  She has to be on this one,” he told himself.

Soon he spotted the High Barnett sign in the distance on the approaching train: the one she always used, for the Mill Hill branch would not take her to Tufnell Park where she lived. Passengers alighted and headed for the exit or interchanging corridors. With his heart pounding almost out of control and his eyes piercing the distance, he saw first, one leg and then the other step smartly on to the platform seconds before the doors were about to close.

“I know those legs. Those are the very legs that captured my undivided attention many times before,” he said to himself with an air of renewed excitement. Squeezing his briefcase tightly, and without hardly any head movement, he quickly moved his eyes vertically upward to be rewarded with the sight he was so anxiously awaiting.  He breathed a sigh of relief

“Who is that ringing the bell like that at this time of the morning, a Sunday morning at that, waking up all the neighbours?” she exclaimed in disgust as she maneuvered her way over Dennis with some difficulty to reach the window. Moving the curtains gently and carefully, she peered through a corner to see who it was so determined to gain entrance.

“Who is it Pam,” Dennis asked anxiously, although he felt from the way she turned almost speechless, her face now ashen with shock, and her mouth tightened into a harsh and bitter line, it was a visitor she did not expect. She wanted to disbelieve her eyes. He knew his worst fear was confirmed. She was hardly able to release the words, although when she did manage to do so, they exited her mouth like bullets.

“Oh my god, it is Elton. What the hell is he doing here now?” her brain refusing the evidence of her own eyes as not true.

Unknown to Pam, June had pulled up suddenly. She had given her the slip. She had glanced a familiar head in a nearby drinks-stall and made a bolt for it.  At that instant, Sidney who was enjoying a few beers with a couple of friends, turned slowly to be greeted with an advancing pair of bouncing breasts, threatening to free themselves from their harness at any moment.  They embraced with the kind of fervour that left his shirt wet with moisture from her heaving body.  It was some time before Pam realized she had given her the slip. June saw it as an ideal opportunity to press home her advantage. She told Sidney how much she had missed him and how he had made her day by coming to the Carnival. The conversation was occasionally oiled with a kiss which June was at pains to insure Pam observed.

She wore a kind of loose fitting smock imprinted with Caribbean scenes of coconut palm, of sandy beaches and rum cocktails. With baggy sleeves and a wide low-fitting neck, the whole outfit came to an abrupt halt about six inches above her knees. It was truly an outfit that settled into the evening. And all this enriched by a Caribbean tune creeping down the stairs offering him a flavor of what to expect.

Elton closed the door quietly behind him and stood for a few moments in awe and wonder at what he was seeing which didn’t leave much to imagination. This led him into thoughts like: “I wonder what whirlwind is she walking me into? Is this the same June I always knew? If so, why would Winston want to walk out on such a woman?”

But before he could set the house ablaze with such burning curiosity, he was making his way up the stairs three steps behind her who was keenly aware that every step she took, gave him a miniature panoramic view of a private show

As she turned, her robe suddenly came apart to reveal a perfect outline.  The effect on him was impressive and instant. It was a visual feast to savour.

“Oh, that, aaah……. perhaps it might be a card from one of the neighbours telling us what a nice evening they had. Why don’t you open it and see,” he suggested, now more pre-occupied by what he was seeing than by what she was saying.

Completely engulfed in curiosity, she took the envelope from the tray and proceeded to open it. The frown of curiosity gradually changed to a smile which crept over her face getting larger and brighter like the dawn of the rising sun, culminating in a shriek and the words,

“Oh Dennissssss,” drawing out the last syllable.

But before she could say anymore, in their effort to embrace each other, they fell on the bed with such force that their uncontrollable dangling legs took hold of the tea tray and all its contents, dispatching them to the far corners of the bedroom. But not even that was enough to cause a cease-fire, so excited was she to learn that they were going to honeymoon in Barbados. Now lying on her back, she breathed deeply and calmly behind an expression that said it all.