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education consultancyEducation Consultancy is offered by Dr Dean Alleyne who was a former Head Teacher in the United Kingdom. He has over 35 years experience in education, is also a self published author of academic books and novels operating under the motto “Persistence is to success what carbon is to steel”.

Dr Dean Alleyne is passionate about his first education book, entitled ‘Don’t Leave It All To The Teachers’ which is a companion guide or tool kit of info and skills. It is written in simple language with bullet points and with every chapter ending in suggestions, making it easier for busy teachers, school students and parents to become engaged or to become even more engaged in your child’s education.  Circumvent the problems.

The book ‘Don’t Leave It All To The Teachers’ is available via, Barnes and Nobles bookstores,,, in Kindle or printed versions.

USA and Canada editions available via e-mail to

Do you want to book an educational life coaching session with in his Education Consultancy role, Dr Dean Alleyne? Or if you wish to invite him to be a guest speaker at your event, simply e-mail him via

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