Don’t Leave it all to the Teacher – How Children Learn

A Tool Kit to help you navigate your child through secondary school…

Don't Leave it all to the TeachersThis book stems from thirty-two years in teaching. It aims to take parents into the environment of how children learn, without the stress which some parents have of schools and teachers, and to show them some key aspects of schooling which can have a lasting effect on a child’s education and life chances.  I do not intend to lecture to parents on how they ought to bring up their children or on how children learn. Instead, I merely set out to provide them with some of the tools with which to enhance their children’s success at school: a kind of tool-kit. It is not meant to be a blueprint for success but an aid to success.

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Walking Through The Pain

Walking through the pain

Walking Through the Pain is based on a true story of a baby given up for adoption, when only two weeks old, to a middle class family in Barbados by parents who believe it has the chance of a better life. His mother has the traumatic experience of seeing four babies before him die within six months of birth and is afraid that a similar thing could happen again. His adopted father, whom he grows to love very much, dies when he is eight and, with his adopted mother’s living standard crashing from middle class to just above poverty, he is eventually taken back to the village of his birth by his biological parents. His hurtful experiences continue when his life at school is peppered with a number of hurtful, brutal and sorrowful situations which dog him even into early adult life. But, in spite of this, he has the determination and stamina to jump through hoops and over hurdles in his path and achieve his goal by reaching the top of his chosen career and entering the world of academia. This story is true. I know, because I was that baby.

Walking through the Pain is a very good example of persistence, commitment, focus, drive and confidence and is meant to be an inspiration to others following in the writer’s footsteps.

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